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Shandong Laiwu Xin International Hotel, 100

100 Hotel is relying on Shandong Xin Xin Trade Co., Ltd. to construct 100 from the Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weinikesi management of international five-star business hotel. Hotel is located in Laiwu city, Shandong Province, and local integration of the most prosperous commercial plaza, which construction area over 40,000 square meters, 30-storey main building, away from Jinan airport about an hour's drive from Qingdao, about 2 hours drive away passenger transport center in close proximity.
The hotel has specially designed 327 luxurious rooms and suites, high-speed broadband Internet access, intelligent individual bathroom, satellite channel TV, intelligent human nature, such centralized control facilities, bringing butler-like hospitality. Whether in the luxury box of Chinese and Western restaurant, bar or in the magnificent lobby, club lounge, all brought together food and wine, guests can enjoy world cuisine. The hotel also has function rooms KTV rooms, swimming pool and chess and card room, design maintains a unified European style, highlight elegant atmosphere of leisure and entertainment.

Ding Division Information Distribution System to create high definition digital picture effects and the hotel aesthetic lighting system unprecedented texts, carefully arranged display terminal screen 15 instead of the traditional single form of publicity, roll playing videos hotel, room information, recommendations and Western cuisine, travel special service, meeting notices, etc., to make the hotel more prominent theme of style, creating a soothing color lack the elegant European-style atmosphere, greatly enhance the hotel's service grade and artistic atmosphere.

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Domain commute to Frequently Asked Questions

* International domain name transfer

State in the domain name under normal circumstances (check domain whois information, status as active as normal, if the domain state is not normal, please contact the original registrar), directly into the website to submit domain name service provider into the application. Transfer process because of the domain name registration agency will send a confirmation email to the administrator domain. Therefore, please ensure the effective administration of domain names contact email mailbox.
If you are .org / .cc / .info / .biz for the suffix of the international domain name, please obtain a copy of the original domain name registrar transfer of your password and then log into the provider's website to submit applications. Otherwise transfer application not be processed.

* China's domain into
Necessary to ensure Chinese domain name into arrears and non-controversial in the absence of cases transferred to the service provider.
Procedure is that the premise of the transfer password (if you do not know the transfer password, please obtain a copy of the original domain name registrar transfer of your password) direct landing site for service providers. Please note that the transfer process: after registration of Chinese domain name 60 days before the expiration of 15 days can not be transferred.
If transferred to the Chinese domain name registrar for the network center, transfer password by service to vet applications to the password.

* International domain name transfer out
In order to prevent malicious international domain name transferred out. So all through the service provider's domain name is locked. Therefore, before the first use of want to transfer out of domain name registration, email, or managers to service providers along with identity documents for registration by fax or scanned and sent to service providers, application domain to unlock.
Unlock the receipt of application letter domain name service provider to do in three business days to process and respond. Domain can be freely transferable after unlock. To .org / .cc / .biz / .info get the password for the domain name suffix is also above process.

To ensure a smooth transfer of domain names and domain name in the transfer process through the normal visit. Please in the international domain name registration 60 days after the expiration of 30 days processing.

* Transfer the domain name in China
Chinese domain name transfer password for the following:
1) The registrar transfer application form (domain name registration stamp an official seal) original bottom of the page to download the transfer application form with the connection address
2) The copy of business license (individual registered as ID card copy)
3) Please mail the information to the service provider, the password back to customers within three working days specified mailbox
To ensure a smooth transfer of domain names and domain name in the transfer process through the normal visit. Please in the international domain name registration 60 days after the expiration of 30 days processing.

* Domain name into operational processes

An international domain name into note:

1 domain name service provider to make domain name into online applications, reporting the complete domain name registration information, Attention:
a, domain names before making a turn, make sure the domain is not locked, that is the domain in the Active state (you can check domain name domain whois information on that state, it is recommended to use to check), if the state is not normal. Please find the original registrar to unlock it or get in touch to help other states.
b,. com. net domain names do not need the password,. info. biz. cc domain password needed
c, fill in the time domain must not add www. or else be wrong. The correct name format is / / ...

2, complete step 1, the domain administrator mailbox will receive two letters, first letter is the transfer of the notification letter, about the contents of a domain name transfer customer has submitted an application will be received within one hour's transfer of the domain authorization letters, second letter is a domain name transfer authorization letter, the letter has a connection address, and a user name and password, you simply open that address, enter the password, after the authorization of the author. Note:
a, the effective time of authorization letters to 72 hours, if exceeded, the code also fails, the system will automatically authorize the letter submitted to the second seal.

3. After the completion of Step 2, the domain name into "wait for the original registered provider agreed to" state, this time require you to register with the contact, agreed to transfer the domain name. Note:
If the original registrar refused, the system will automatically submit a second application (at this time do not need to do authorization, as long as the original registered provider can agree to transfer)

4. After completion of step 3, needs 2-10 days, the domain name will be transferred into the service provider, service providers need to do at this time confirmation of a turn, and charge. The end of the transfer process.

Second, the domestic domain (the domain of domestic English, Chinese domestic domain name) into the steps:
1. Made to the domain name transfer service online application, fill in the complete domain name registration information;

a, domain names before making a turn, make sure the domain is not locked, that is, the domain is ok (You can check domain name domain whois information on that state, it is recommended to use search) domain if in "transfer-prohibit" state, is the domain name is locked.
b, the transfer must fill out the password, if you do not know the password can be obtained from the original registrar.
c, fill in the time domain must not add "www.", otherwise it will go wrong. The correct name format is in Resources. ... ... ...

2. Domain name is transferred into the state of "pending-transfer", this time need to agree with the original registrar, the consent can be transferred.

3. Domain name will be transferred into the service provider, you need to make a transfer from the service provider to confirm the same time charge. The end of the transfer process.

Domain Status Reference:

International Domain Status: Active normal
Registrar-hold: registrar reserved, domain names can not be used, but can be transferred
Registrar-lock: registrar locked the domain normal use, but can not transfer

Domestic Domain Status: ok normal
transfer prohibit: lock the domain can not be transferred
pengding transfer: is metastasis

* Collection of domain name transfer service

1 What is a domain name transfer?

Domain transfer (change of registered person) is the current domain name registrant transfer the domain name to other organizations or individuals, that is, the behavior of the transfer of ownership of this domain. In the process of domain name transfer transaction is a very important procedure, is one of a very serious operation.

2, domain transfer of the necessary conditions?

(1) domain in the normal state, does not have any controversy and dispute, there is no arrears problem;
(2) domain name more than 30 days from the due date;

3, domain transfer of the processing steps and cost of that?

Check your domain name service provider to submit online at the "Transfer Application" and name the original and the original purchase agreement and the domain name registrant's identity copy of the assignee (if the company provided a copy of business license copy) together send your domain name service provider.
Domain name transfer service providers received information and fees, the general three working days to complete the domain transfer.

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"Martian" Builder - Mars Pinyin input method

Mars Man has become one of the most controversial topic. After 80 and 90 after the kids have always liked doing something unorthodox, they often use some bizarre online, such as Chinese characters are not symbols, such as his signature QQ. We oppose large-scale use of these symbols, only from the perspective of entertainment and the pursuit of individuality, occasionally with a use or can.

Double-click the archive in the "setup.msi" file, you can install the Martian alphabet, shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

2, Mars experience Pinyin input method

And most of the input, like Mars Pinyin input method can also be the operating system's "Language Bar" call. When we open a word processing program after editing and then switch to the Mars Pinyin input method, you can begin the magical experience it was.

銆??鍏跺疄锛屼娇鐢ㄧ伀鏄熸嫾闊宠緭鍏ユ硶骞朵笉鍥伴毦锛屾垜浠彧瑕佸皢瑕佽緭鍏ユ枃瀛楃殑鍏ㄦ嫾瀛楁瘝鐩存帴鎵撳嚭锛岃蒋浠朵究浼氳嚜鍔ㄥ皢鍏惰浆鎹负鈥滅伀鏄熸枃瀛椻?銆?Compared with traditional methods that use the web translation, this input method is no doubt many faster. Moreover, even Mars Pinyin input method also provides automatic frequency and fuzzy speech recognition and other functions, allows us faster and more accurate to enter the "Mars" text as possible, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

In addition to Mars Tip銆?銆恡ext input. In the input page, there is a "Translator" function. If we usually had some words to read of Mars, may wish to paste them directly here. Then, go click on the appropriate conversion button. Later, the text of the original Mars, just like decryption generally clear in front of us, and shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3



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dPAL apartment door machine

dPAL door machine for multi-storey apartment, a small high-rise, high-rise residential design features. It has a video intercom, sensing IC card door, patrol, door keys, security alarm, and external electrical control functions.

Access Control Intercom
dPAL door machine is complete access control intercom feature on the panel by visiting guests, "call" button, and enter the appropriate floor room number, press the "confirm" key to call households, confirmed by the household, indoors by cPAL the unlock button to open the door; head of the household can also IC card reader area close to open the door.

Automatically disarm
Disarm the traditional way of cell complex, generally requires tenants from the house into disarm after the complicated operation, use dPAL door machine, residents can set at home "IC card automatically disarm" state, then, only the IC card users into the gate, the system will automatically disarm the home of the deployment status, household ensures safe, easy to use.

Remote deployment
Users can click on the deployment dPAL key, and close proximity IC card swipe machine dPAL door area, the system will be directly under the IC card is automatically deployed in the family household.

Perimeter alarm
If the perimeter alarm system using a binary alarm sensor, can spread throughout the dPAL cell door machine input interface, the nearest police probe will be directly connected and network management software in nPAL simple set, you can use sino2000 system to achieve a joint topology perimeter alarm system. If the perimeter alarm is used in 485, can be used sPAL perimeter control perimeter alarm gateway into sino2000 system platform.
Once the perimeter security system has a failure, will only affect the adjacent perimeter alarm sensor and will not affect the entire perimeter alarm system normal operation, but the point of failure is very easy to locate, maintenance is relatively simple.

Electronic Patrol
Using dPAL door machine can also replace the traditional district of the electronic patrol system, then, only patrol officers issued the corresponding IC card inductive, patrol officers to a unit for each door (as a patrol point), use IC card swipe machine dPAL door, real-time credit card information sent to management center. Real-time online the patrol system, the route to all patrol officers and action to administer.

dPAL door machine can proximity ID card or IC card, the feature can be easily introduced into the cell, "One Card" system.

dPAL provide the following interfaces:
1, the joint of a 10 Base-T interface, access to IP information platform.
2, intelligent control port, for connecting electronic control locks and door closers.
3,8 a perimeter alarm port.
4,12 V power supply interfaces.
5, video output ports

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Crossroads 3G

When 3G licenses issued? Send a few?
3G telecom restructuring process and how the interaction will occur?
Where 3G market demand? How the business model?
What intellectual property will face the problem? Patent disputes will arise?
May 17, 2005 - the 37th "World Telecommunication Day." Heat gain in the global fired long earthshaking of 3G, the industry is still the most popular topic. Faces a dynamic change for the telecommunications industry is concerned, 3G is not cards, but the domino array that will be spread out in the first card.
At the crossroads of 3G, is undergoing pre-delivery pains.

Licence: Arrow in the string without hair

"Obviously, the attitude of the Government of the 3G licenses, or 'do not worry'." An R & D TD-SCDMA chip company president privately told reporters. In the April 26 meeting of the "2005 TD-SCDMA International Summit", the Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Information Industry, the SAC and other related departments at all level, but the topic of most concern for the 3G's "license payment "were not mentioned. It seems many companies are expected to be so, so everyone seems like they are not disappointed.

"License" is undoubtedly the largest Chinese 3G drama suspense and yeast. When hair? Send a few? To whom? Projected version of the countless. Last year, once popular "Telecommunication Day 2005 release," Today has proved unfounded claims. Before the formal opening of the Government, it seems that not all who said.

Still ready to go unresolved license issue. TD-SCDMA was once considered the delay in 3G licenses issued an important reason, in the "2005 TD-SCDMA International Summit", the display of the TD-SCDMA terminals, nearly 20. 3G The third phase of testing will be completed. 3G voice more and more mature, the government seems to be no reason to "drag" down.

Came in 2005, has been issuing licenses to people linked with the telecommunications restructuring. SASAC's role is gradually being attention. "SASAC leadership has made clear that will not interfere with the standard adopted by operators." Wu Hequan Chinese works in the interview with this reporter said, the license issuance and somewhat far-fetched to link the telecommunications restructuring. But he also believes that issuing a license will consider the effectiveness of the future of telecommunications competition.

In the end there are several 3G operators are suitable? When asked if the 45 operators in the 3G will result in duplication, waste of resources, time, GSM Association, China General Manager of thunder with a smile before answering: "If from the user point of view, of course, the better competition, competitive prices to fall down. "

CATR, deputy chief engineer Yang Peifang is that 45 carriers are not necessarily the most advantageous to the user. "The telecommunications industry itself does not have sufficient competitive conditions, can only be an effective competitive market, the industry's in scale with the natural, namely the formation of a certain size, to achieve the profit and loss Pingheng point profit." He Ren Wei, Wang Luo and one with a large certainly not the cost of a small network, as if every company is small, the cost is difficult to come down, so trying to get 45 carriers reduce rates through market competition is unlikely.

Yang Peifang also pointed out that China's current mobile market duopoly competition pattern in fact would have been the result of the national macro-control. As the scale of China Unicom and China Mobile network coverage significantly better than, the cost would be higher, the price of services is higher accordingly, so if cost pricing, the market is certainly the result of competition wins China Mobile. "If the market fully open, after a survival of the fittest will certainly be quickly restored to a monopoly."

He stressed that regardless of the telecommunications market completely, drift not, ultimately requires state control, both to prevent the small number of operators as well as lack of competition, but also to prevent excessive amount of lead to excessive competition, to ensure the existence of effective competition structure.

In mid-March, China Mobile announced a substantial increase in the existing GSM network expansion investment, from the original estimate of 5.3 billion U.S. dollars budget for the upgrade to 78 million. By contrast, China Unicom in 2005 about 40 billion yuan investment, optimize network coverage. Experts believe that China Mobile and China Unicom, as the two existing mobile operators, both obvious advantages, and its current start of 2.5G, 2.75G and 3G almost the same business, their 3G licenses in no hurry. China Telecom and China Netcom are repeated on various occasions expressed the desire for mobile licenses.

Not only to domestic carriers have their own calculations, foreign operators are closely watching every move the Chinese government. NTT DoCoMo Inc. He Xianqing, deputy director of Beijing office that the great China market, foreign investors and operators are concerned, "DoCoMo very concerned about China's licenses issued by the specific time, knew early preparations can see what we can do , may have the opportunity. "

Test: "The last sprint"
In order to demonstrate the maturity of 3G, Telecom Research organized a three-stage test: the first phase of tests carried out mainly in the laboratory; the second phase of testing (last year in April to September) is largely outside the field test; s three-phase commercial trial network will be the test (until June this year), which is to start operations before the operator must have work. Can be said that the third stage is the 3G industry chain link push.

Once considered the bottleneck of 3G terminals in the year received much development. Domestic manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE, Hisense, and Amoi have launched WCDMA terminals. Tell Laboratory Wireless Communications Bo that, WCDMA terminals both in type, function, or business, have greatly improved. But it is undeniable that the terminal is compatible with the network, the terminal is compatible with the terminal, as well as the stability of the terminal there still exist some problems. "For now, WCDMA terminals have been able to complete the circuit well within the call, that call within the circuit and short message service, as well as video telephony business. But in WCDMA video telephony interoperability between terminals still some problems. "

The development of relatively backward TD-SCDMA terminals also made significant progress. "2005TD-SCDMA International Summit" The biggest bright spot is that Datang Mobile, Huawei, DBTEL, Bird, Samsung, LG and other handset manufacturers a voice and some 3G features a live demonstration. TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance, to participate in the enterprise has increased from the beginning of the 8, 21, had adopted the attitude of many multinational companies have begun to join the Industry Alliance.

According to Datang Telecom System Integration Test Wensheng Xu, General Manager Introduction: There are 15 terminal manufacturers 20 models participated in the TD-SCDMA handsets by the end of Telecom Research Organization tests, including the four-chip manufacturers. Some foreign companies also participated in the development of TD terminals, currently concentrated in the chip area, such as Philips, Motorola, Samsung. Six basic telecommunications operators have been involved in TD-SCDMA testing.

Tell laboratory Hegui Li said in an interview, present three different problems in different technologies. For TD-SCDMA, the chip is more crucial issue, we are working hard to overcome it. WCDMA and CDMA2000, the main face may not be the chip, but the problem in the process of multimedia transmission, mobile phones and networking issues, interoperability issues.

Three different 3G technology standards, are preparing the final sprint.

Applications: "killer" Where?

"3G can do, people can not see." Some experts criticized. 3G is the most attractive high-speed data services, while mobile phone users in China the demand for this piece of content and what kind? What is attractive to 3G from 2G to allow users to transplant? Unique based on 3G business there is still no clear style.

"China has not spotted how to get 3G in China in the end there is no such need for the government is unclear." Thunder in an interview that very clear. Other experts believe that China has not yet become effective for the 3G market demand. Consumption structure of China telecommunications and developed countries is totally different, but at present stage in the problems of poverty, data communications throughout the telecommunications business income accounted for only 5.4% of revenue, the public need is voice and text messages. "China's per capita GDP was only 1,000 dollars, while in Western Europe, North America, South Korea, Japan and other countries, China's per capita GDP are higher than an order of magnitude, it is difficult to imagine such a low per capita GDP of the country and 3G mobile multimedia and other business needs to have much. "

In addition, the level of urban and rural telecommunication development gap between the large telecommunications in rural areas, the level is still relatively backward, the country did not pass on the phone compared to 9.1% of administrative villages, on average, at present China's rural telephone penetration rate is about 11%, only one-third of the city level, while the developed countries of basic telephone penetration rate above 100%. Basic universal in reach, based on the consumption of these countries should focus on data, video, games, and more value-added business change. Even so, in addition to other countries outside South Korea and Japan, 3G data services development is not very good.

Of course, there are different views. "China is not without needs of users, but did not train together. Many of us have camera phones, Internet and other functions, but not used." Serving a particular content provider, a source said. He suggested that operators should change our thinking, from the user's interests, change the "not customize the deductions" and other short-term interest from the irrational behavior. Custom cell phone operator is the future trend, terminal operators, vendors to customize certain features of the phone can support and give support in the business, it is easy to disseminate and business. NTT DoCoMo Inc. He Xianqing also said he had also tried to use the mobile Internet, but slow, not very stable. "Inexpensive mobile phone, rates drop, the network connection is fast and stable, good performance, these are the premise of user data services." He thought.

Technically speaking, 3G data services can provide a good platform. Content-based platform, then what? China has emerged at this stage quite a lot of quantitative value-added service providers, as at the end of June 2004, in a total payment of various Zengzhi telecommunications business license has more than 11,000. However, due to traffic on 2G and 3G in the difference, thunder that must be to the 3G value-added services can really develop. Air network is a content provider in China, its business product market manager for Liu Shuwen Development Department believe that although Henduoshuju Ye Wu in the present web, to provide, Dan Shi by network bandwidth, Xian Zhi, video on demand Deng pair of high rate of business Zhiyou to Yaoqiu 3G can be fully realized.

"Once the 3G launched, content providers out of the content is not difficult, existing business, you can go directly transplanted to the 3G platform, but to provide a good content is difficult. If 2G is how to spell the content to reach users channel, the contents of the coming fight is the quality and uniqueness. "Liushu Wen said in an interview. To air network, for example, now mainly pictures, ring tones, text messaging and other services, video on demand service also, but mainly used for 3G testing. He believes that data services can not be launched because of 3G, while showing explosive growth, mainly at this stage the user will be transplanted in the past.

3G charging content providers as well as new challenges. At present, China is only one channel, that is, from the two mobile operators charge the Shang Dynasty, and in charge of foreign channels that are many, such as credit card fees charged by EBay and other on-line. China's pricing mechanism, if not open, content providers can not recover the cost of providing unique content will be lost momentum. "Content homogeneous, there is no personalized service, this is the current status of competition in the market." Liu Shuwen think. He also predicted by the current flow of charges, fees collected information on earnings is sure to be replaced by content charging models. "For 3G, the network bandwidth itself is not a bottleneck."

The first quarter of 2005, the total messages sent in China has reached 67.21 billion, an increase of 39%. This figure is probably the phone has just started in China, no one can expect. The value-added service content development, the emergence of a successful business model, rules of the game, after the opening should be in the 3G market can really be. How to use our existing 2.5G, 2.75G network to promote data services, user training needs and the user must scale well for the market to prepare the arrival of 3G, operators and content providers that should be considered.

"3G is the future applications. Before the Internet came out, we do not know what the Internet application. If you ask a user, I will be on what product, how you could use it to use, the user must not tell. unless he is a genius. potential applications need to be explored. "Frost & Sullivan China, said Wang Yuquan, general manager.

Patents: the need to face the hidden dangers

Li Shihe Datang Mobile's chief scientist, said in an interview, TD-SCDMA can be technically more mature, but the business still does not work, intellectual property rights have not been resolved.
Worried about not only the patent Li Shihe. Beijing University of Posts and Information Engineering, Professor, Lee Road, the said companies on patent issues before the performance is very sad. "I went to England to meet the United Kingdom, said China is the 'cloning' superpowers, such as DVD. China's mobile phone market is now the largest in the world one in every three phones is the Chinese people, but they have to pay How much royalty ah! "

Called the Chinese standard TD-SCDMA, but the Telecommunications Research Institute under the Ministry of Information Industry in 2003 statistical report, the TD-SCDMA patent distribution is 32% of Nokia, Ericsson 23% Siemens 11%, Datang only 7%.

Not currently commercial TD-SCDMA, has not yet surfaced on the patent dispute. Once the formal business, patent disputes will be highlighted. In the commercial front, the patents deal with the problem clearly, can reduce future problems.

The reason why China to develop China's 3G standard TD-SCDMA, is to avoid repeating the 2G on to foreign companies to pay huge royalties in the past. However, if the TD-SCDMA patent issues do not deal with, lay hidden dangers for the future development.

National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Xiaoqiang, director of the TD-SCDMA Summit, said the issue of intellectual property must have aroused attention, some businesses or interest groups with monopolistic advantages of technology, set unfair conditions, charging unreasonably high cost of access to excess monopoly profits, which actually impede innovation and development of technology, protection of intellectual property rights against the original purpose of promoting scientific and technological progress. The summit in two days before the Ministry of Information Industry Xi Guohua, vice minister of the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan, also said that some multinational companies from charging excessive costs of intellectual property rights, which would create a monopoly, is not conducive to the development of the industry.

Business Model: 3G how to make money?

"I attended a council in the UK, directors everyone has a 3G phone. I asked them not to use, they said gave me, these 3G phones as others gave them, they do not buy. I stayed in the UK a very long time, people rarely 3G phone. "Lee Road this talk about 3G in the UK, said the application of state, he said, did not understand why the 3G-known in China, so ring.

To October 1, 2001 NTT DoCoMo launched 3G in Japan business signs, 3G is gradually extended to the world. However, in the past four years, 3G business development is not easy. Until 2004, it achieved rapid global 3G development. To NTT DoCoMo's case, as of September 2003, it is less than one million 3G users, but this year the figure reached 11 million, using 3G mobile phone users all mobile phone users in the proportion of the more to larger firms, according to NTT DoCoMo Inc., deputy director of Beijing He Xianqing estimated end of this year, 3G subscribers in Japan may be more than 2G users.

According to publicly available data, as of February 2005, there were already 64 WCDMA and 18 CDMA20001x EV-DO commercial networks in operation. In 3G applications, as of December 2004, the global 3G users (including CDMA2000 users) has reached 159 million, accounting for the total number of mobile subscribers to 9.3%, the industry agreed that the development of the situation getting better 3G. However, 3G has experienced in the development of the global market into a long period, not very mature yet profitable.

Thunder that open markets abroad, is worth our study. "Abroad to promote the development of market forces, companies are private, by the shareholders to decide whether to invest in a project, cast the wrong result in their loss, if loss of the 3G business, the company responsible to shareholders. The Chinese carriers are state assets, it is difficult to decide, where to vote the money in the end. "thunder, but also put forward, not blind to the experiences learned to take a comprehensive approach, from the creation of the content value-added services and business models, because each country different national conditions, China can not copy foreign, can only reference.

"China's national conditions and the user base and the Japanese are not the same, hard to say what Japan can learn from the experience," He Xianqing said in an interview. "While mobile multi-media business development in Japan was quite good, but before and Japan launched 3G mobile phone users to use more Internet business has a relationship with the Japanese major subway and bus travel in China is also the main board." He also pointed out that Chinese mobile phone users are using this business to more junior SMS-based value-added business, China should consider the combination of national circumstances, development of rich and attractive value-added services, training for the 3G business user market.

"The biggest lesson is that foreign countries engaged in anti-profit model, and trying to serve a small number of high-class, with a high price to make more money." Yang Peifang told reporters. "Singapore's CDMA is a precedent. Service in high-end, with so few customers to support such a large network, the end definitely not do." He pointed out that China Unicom's CDMA Fazhanchuqi also taken this route, had to change the strategy in practice . One-time cost of the telecommunications industry is high, but the network once built, whether or not phone calls, the cost is the same, adding a multi-user, the cost does not increase, the marginal cost is almost zero. Therefore, the larger the lower the cost. Telecom should be based on the general public, to seize the general user market, both rich and poor service, this is the road to profitability.

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ArcGIS standard coordinate conversion in the end how?

ArcGIS9 provides a common coordinate system, coordinate conversion, coordinate transformation can be achieved using the WGS84 and Beijing 54, Xi'an 80 coordinate conversion between. Has been such a coordinate conversion is not feel are accurate, but should also be summoned up the courage, how to control it in a few meters Wucha no problem can basically meet. Recently made a project, one step is to test IKONOS, SPOT5 no control points such as remote sensing image positioning accuracy to 10 000 topographic map data as a standard.

The IKONOS images and other data is in WGS84 UTM coordinate system, 10 000 topographic map mainly based Xi'an 80 coordinate system. In operation, first of all be unified coordinate system, the project is 10 000 topographic map data into WGS84 coordinates system, began to use ArcGIS coordinate conversion, the 10 000 topographic maps to WGS84 UTM coordinate system, was found to test results of positioning accuracy is very poor, they begin to doubt the accuracy of this coordinate system conversion problem. So please Xi'an earth was accurate coordinate transformation, transformation in the sub-meter level precision control plane.

The following figure 1, using exact coordinate transformation for comparison, the red line for the 10 000 topographic maps, there is the image position accuracy error

The figure 2, using ArcGIS software for coordinate transformation, the blue line for the 10 000 topographic map

The results secret, could not be released, preliminary estimates a bit, ArcGIS map coordinates of the site for conversion error of 86 meters, mainly in the X direction, the accuracy of the resource application may be able to tolerate the error, but the mapping, engineering, etc. application may not meet the requirements, so the coordinate transformation in the use of ArcGIS need to pay attention to this issue before, or will affect the results of your analysis.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

China's auto parts face "External and internal" situation

In the domestic auto parts market, contests, vendors in the capital seems to have been used to "Biequ days."

A few years ago, people have clearly seen the coming of large multinational auto parts companies, and now, in the context of the international financial crisis, European and American market decline is exacerbated by this "transfer."

"External and internal" even in the continued deterioration of the situation - often turn to local manufacture of foreign capital, makes the previous cost advantage in the gradual loss of capital providers; eager to transformation and upgrading, but "there is no rice" embarrassment. Parts made in China seems to be facing "elevated risk."

Domestic difficulties

Do more good business. July 15, 2009, meeting late at night YANG in an interview so lamented the pressure from the market. Shenzhen Hang Sheng YANG Electronics Limited ("Hang Sheng Electronics") president, was established in 1993 Hangsheng Electronics is a factory for vehicle matching automotive products business.

Siemens, Visteon, and foreign brands to enter, certainly caused us a great influence. YANG frankly, even in car audio, navigation and other low-end automotive electronics products, Hangsheng Electronics currently supporting only for the low-end OEMs, like BMW, Audi and other high-end brands into the matching system still can not, "and In the body electronics, chassis electronics systems, it is dominated by foreign capital. "

According to Hong Yang recalled, even in the financial crisis "accident" in 2008, Hang Sheng Electronic still profit basis in 2007 increased 10% to the size of about 2.0 billion. Now, with the domestic auto ancillary market, increased competition, profit margins have been much larger than that, "first half of 2009, Hang Shing Electronics sales increased by 30%, while sales revenue increased by only 10%.

Hong Yang said, such as airbag, EFI systems, ESP and other chassis electronics and other products with higher technological content of 80% to 90% of the profits are concentrated in the foreign brands.

As more and more OEMs will be supporting enterprise development system by the upstream components, industrial components division of the company's requirements will be higher, the competition will be more intense. CHEN Wen-Kai, dean of K-car, said foreign investment in domestic conquering a city, it is also considering using their own resources to reduce costs. Once the local supplier of foreign brands will survive after the cost advantage of the break, it means being marginalized parts will be fully funded, "consigned to limbo."

Full range of emergency

Obviously, the experience Hangsheng electronic auto parts companies only a microcosm of the crisis of survival. In fact, it seems most domestic local suppliers failed to take advantage of the growing Chinese automotive industry, the size of a money machine, but the predicament into a home and less abroad.

June 30, the State Council Development Research Center, Society of Automotive Engineers of China and the Volkswagen Group (China) jointly issued the "car blue book - China Automobile Industry Development Report 2009" (the "Blue Book") shows that foreign investment has been in almost monopoly of the core components technology, domestic enterprises are more difficult to achieve a breakthrough, industry cause for concern.

According to the Blue Book statistics show that the current domestic large number of auto parts companies in the industry for less than 1%, less than 15% of medium and large enterprises, and domestic parts companies 90% of the market share and manufacturing capabilities are concentrated in the low-end products, while the remaining 10% involved high-end products, most domestic enterprises have also carried out with foreign joint venture.

"Currently, about 1,000 domestic auto filter manufacturers, but basically is for the foreign brands 'working'. Advisory Committee of the Chinese auto industry, automotive industry, said Chen Guangzu renowned experts, such as automotive filters 100% of filter paper used to import, if the density and permeability is demanding Euro III, Euro IV paper, more domestic manufacturers can not do, only doing the service work. "

In addition, key technology market was almost monopolized by foreign companies. "In the vehicle control system parts, ABS is still in the development of capital providers are not out. Meanwhile, the common rail system, EPS (electric power steering system) are technical barriers." Chen Guangzu that the last two years, domestic suppliers In this part of the market share from 30% to 20%.

"For a long time formed by 'price' the development of eating patterns, but also determines the profits of enterprises in the capital share, parts difficult to change." Wen-Kai Chen said. It is understood that the Chinese parts industry in 2008 the scale of 950 billion yuan, 39.4% of them concentrated in foreign parts manufacturers, the average value of 310 million yuan a single enterprise, while the occupied parts industry, most privately-held company, the average value of only 30 million yuan.


"The core question is not enough information." Chen Guangzu said, Chinese auto parts have taken the auto industry, without the integration of information technology, but only the manufacturer is no way out, "should enhance the development of cross-sector collaboration.

Meanwhile, there seems not funded out of the industrial parts of the road. "Universal, Fuyao and other enterprises, currently a really big scale, the profit will be considerable, but in this round of the components of information technology revolution, they did not transition to the new grade of enterprise, still in the doing Accessories of the traditional low-end. "Wen-Kai Chen said.

"Prior to the 863 plan, the Government spent more than 20 million engaged in demonstrations, but the demonstration more than 20 years, enterprises still remain in the demonstration stage." An anonymous person said the auto parts business, the ministry seems to simply model, but related to the industrialization process, technology and equipment are in limbo, while the capital component is the most pressing need to do a large scale.

In fact, the current plight of Chinese-funded components, the individual parts alone it difficult for enterprises to achieve technological breakthroughs in the short period of time. "As the first, only Toyota, Denso, Delphi has been common only, Chinese parts also need to transfer the core technology OEMs can seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger." Wen-Kai Chen said that so far, Toyota also extend this mistake a few.

"At present, Chinese parts enterprises living space, just a 'middle ground'. CHEN Wen-Kai says, specifically, is such as Santana, Chery QQ, expired vehicle technology, affordable, large and relatively neutral low-end car market. "In 35 years, the Chinese-funded component should also seize the opportunity to do this part of the market, large-scale, high-end technology and then seeking to upgrade their path.

Right now, Hangsheng Electronics also new energy auto parts, transmissions and other invested funds focus on the billion R & D, while the electronic control system, parking sensor, window, etc. invested 40 million yuan of three technical compaction. Right now, the domestic auto parts in the field seem to be, the "second round of market for technology", if one day the market did not, and the capital component was really a hollow? YANG as in the inquiry, and like in the laments.

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